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Advancing Sunpower for the People is a challenge. Solarus is looking for strategic Partners in key regions worldwide.
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Advancing Sunpower for the People is a challenge.

Solarus is looking for strategic Partners in key regions worldwide.

Regions currently engaged in:
Next regional market to be approached:
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South Africa



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South-East Asia

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How partnerships work

We provide:

The Solarus Assembly Starter Kit

To ensure Partners will promptly commence assembly and distribution,

Solarus provides the following initial roll-out support:


  • Instructional blueprints for assembly facility layout and operation.
  • All necessary specialised assembly equipment and technology.
  • Comprehensive courses for assembly-line staff and installers.
  • Components for an initial production batch of 1000 Solaruss PowerCollectors™.

Lifetime Partner Program

We believe in the long-term sustainability of Partnerships.

To support our partners we guarantee the following:


  • OEM supply of the PowerCollector™ Receivers, our proprietary core technology.
  • Marketing, sales and technical support.
  • Access to Solarus modelling and calculation software.
  • For complex or specialized projects, on-site engineering assistance from international field technicians.
What is expected from Partners:

  • A commitment to socially and environmentally responsible behavior in all business activities.
  • Readiness to invest time and capital.
  • Knowledge of and experience with solar photovoltaic and/or solar thermal systems.
  • Established local business infrastructure, network or client-base within the renewable energy industry.

Local solutions to local problems 

is a central tenet of our market approach.


Given a motivation for its regional compatibility, we would be happy to

negotiate on the particulars of a proposed alternative business model.