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Advancing Sunpower for the People is a challenge. Solarus is looking for strategic Partners in key regions worldwide.
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Advancing Sunpower for the People is a challenge.

Solarus is looking for loyal and dedicated partners that share our passion for a cleaner world.

Regions currently engaged in:
Next regional market to approach:




Zuid Afrika

South Africa





Zuid America

South America

How partnerships work

Solarus strongly believes in the value of long term relationships with Business Partners and Customers. It is of eminent importance that Solarus is ‘easy-to-do-business’ with. That is why Solarus created its Business Partner Program, which is aimed to facilitate you at every part of your business. Together we build success!


Being a Business Partner you can rely on several types of support from the Business Partner Program. From personal attention from a dedicated Partner Manager to training and education at the Solarus Academy. This all to supports you in doing business easily and being successful.


To get the maximum out of the relationship, both you and Solarus must be convinced that a partnership will become a successful one.

What is expected from Partners:

  • A commitment to socially and environmentally responsible behavior in all business activities
  • Readiness to invest time and capital
  • Knowledge of and experience with solar photovoltaic and/or solar thermal systems.
  • Established local business infrastructure, network or client-base within the hospitality and industrial sectors

Local solutions to local problems 

is a central tenet of our market approach.