Solarus awarded top price for innovation in China - Solarus
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Solarus awarded top price for innovation in China

STOCKHOLM/BEIJING, March 14, 2014 – Solarus, the Swedish developer and producer of the multifunctional energy system that captures more than 70% of incoming solar energy, received today in Beijing at the Youth Innovation Games the top award for “Innovative Practice”. The award was received in Beijing in the presence of Nobel Laureates of Economics by the young Solarus engineer Joao Gomes from Gävle who has installed systems in Europe and Africa and who successfully defended the company’s case against worldwide competition.

“Ever since I saw the Solarus panels I knew that this was a revolution”, observes Mrs. Hong Li, one of the shareholders of Solarus. “While a photovoltaic panel gives you electricity, and a solar water heater gives you hot water, Solarus gives you with one panel electric power, and hot water for heating, cooling, drying, purification, desalination and it can actually be your roof! Who would not invest in this game changer?”

“Solarus not only delivers multiple value to its customers, it also includes jobs and economic development for the areas where our systems are installed and produced.” commented Leen Zevenbergen, the CEO on receiving the news.

Solarus is originally based on a spin-off technology from Swedish energy company Vattenfall. After demonstrating the viability of this solar technology in Sweden (of all places in the world) and passing the toughest tests by TÜV in Arizona (USA) that labeled this bundle of innovations as the top performing solar system in the world, the product is ready for the market. Thirty diverse projects that demonstrate the versatility and flexibility of the technology are under development while manufacturing is being built up in line with demand.

“Solarus changes the business perspective”, observes Göran Lundgren, Chairman of Solarus and former executive with Vattenfall. “We are not competing on the basis of the cheapest panel, we are competing by generating the highest value for the customer”.

Solarus has just concluded a successful round of financing amongst “Friends and Family”, and is now preparing for a major investment round to take production international in several regions.

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