Entrepreneurs claim Venlo region as Blue Innovation Region - Solarus
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Entrepreneurs claim Venlo region as Blue Innovation Region

Robert F. Kennedy jr.:
“ Integrate social costs into your P&L statement”

June 17, 2015 – Rabobank Venlo e.o., Solarus and Blue Innovation Center announced that Venlo will become a Blue Innovation Region. With a focus on open innovation and sustainability new jobs will be created in Venlo. The passionate speech held by the American environmentalist and lawyer Robert F. Kennedy jr. on June 16th at the event ‘ Sustainability is our future’ event for more than 100 entrepreneurs was a milestone. “Shareholders receive the profit of a company, while societal costs like pollution and health damage are being paid by society, by us. That has to change”, says Robert F. Kennedy jr.

Blue Innovation Region

Mr. Dick Hak, director of Rabobank Venlo, explained that his company as well as Solarus and Blue Innovation are all inspirede by professor Gunter Pauli’s publication ‘The Blue Economy’. “We want to create jobs with what is available in our region but wasn’t utilized until now like waste streams and innovative technologies. We want to be the engine for a sustainable future, that includes everyone. Since 2008 with the bank’s regional investment fund for innovative companies 17 start-ups were financed. The new Solarus production facilities in Venlo and the Blue Innovation Center are facilitated by the Rabobank fund.”
Solarus, the Blue Innovation Center and a number of companies that apply the Cradle-to-cradle philosophy are locating in the Venlo region. This makes us a Blue Innovation region where we share facilities, services, mindset and funding. We cooperate closely with High Tech Campus Eindhoven and the German hinterland. This will lead to numerous innovations and jobs.”

True costing driving change

Keynote speaker and environmental activist Mr. Robert F. Kennedy jr. explained that society should approach the use of natural and communal resources in a complete different than has been the case up till now. “We can easily transfer our natural resources into money. It makes a few people millionaires, while the rest of the population does not share in this prosperity and next generation have to pay the bills for negative impacts on climate, environment and social inrastructures. The only way to go is to create sustainable eco-systems. We have to invest in our future and a free economic market has to serve social purposes. All businesses have to integrate all societal costs into their P&L statements and place social liabilities on their balance sheet. When true costs are transparent, entrepreneurs and customers will make the right decisions and companies with negative impacts on health and environment will disappear because they are not profitable anymore.”