ZERI Network ranks #8 most innovative policy Think Tanks in the world - Solarus
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ZERI Network ranks #8 most innovative policy Think Tanks in the world

Our friends at the ZERI (Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives) Network received some very good news. ZERI was ranked #8 by The University of Pennsylvania among the top 10 in the world of Think Tanks with the Most Innovative Policy Ideas/Proposals. At Solarus we are proud to be technology #53 in the ZERI sustainable technology overview http://www.theblueeconomy.org/solarus. The ZERI network consists of more than 2,000 scientists all over the world who contribute to ‘blue economy solutions’.


The Zero emissions philosophy, first introduced in 1991 is gaining traction but most important, it is implemented in hundreds of concrete initiatives. Perhaps its greatest influence is the distribution of millions of copies fables in dozens of languages to children around the world, especially in China. This is the greatest long term policy initiative ever undertaken. See for more information: www.zeri.org



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