General public embraces Solarus´ promise to fight energy poverty - Solarus
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General public embraces Solarus´ promise to fight energy poverty

General public embraces Solarus´ promise to fight energy poverty

VENLO/ROTTERDAM – December 12 2016 – Solarus’ promise to fight energy poverty and drastically reduce C02 emissions has been widely embraced by the general public. Already 145 people showed their confidence and participated in the crowdfunding campaign the company started for the scale up its production of the PowerCollectorTM . Within 4 days the company already raised the target of €250.000 they initially set. Now they have increased their ambitions and go for another €250.000 to give the company an extra boost to fuel the future. Investments can be done until the end of the year at the crowd funding platform facilitated by Symbid.

 Product like no other
The world is in the middle of an accelerating energy transition from fossil to sustainable energy sources. The demand for sustainable energy is booming. Every year 50% of all energy consumed in the world goes to the production of heat. The PowerCollectorTM is an unique solar solution that delivers up to 4 times more energy than conventional PV-systems of the same size. It captures the heat directly from the sun (55%) and on top of that it provides electricity (15%). In situations with a need for both heat and electricity, the PowerCollectorTM is the best choice for sustainable energy.

Power of partnerships
With a stable product, international market presence, high volume production facilities and professional investors showing their believe in the company, Solarus feels confident to ask the public crowd to join in the fast scale up of the company. Solarus’ achievement is already widely recognized by the market. Over 30 projects with no less than 1.000 collectors have been contracted in 15 countries and Solarus won the Accenture Innovation Award for clean and sustainable energy earlier this year. The business scale up is leveraged through a fast growing international network of distribution and assembly partners. Collaboration helps the company to make impact: one roof at a time with the aim for 400.000 PowerCollectorsTM over the next three years.

Company background and mission
Solarus is a private company founded in 2006 and it develops, produces and sells hybrid solar PowerCollectors with a peak efficiency up to 70%. The company is headquartered in Venlo (The Netherlands) and has an R&D centre in Gävle (Sweden). Solarus works worldwide with local distributors and installers and is now mainly active in Europe, (South) Africa, India and Turkey. The company’s vision is ‘Sunpower for the people’. The mission of Solarus is to fight energy poverty and decrease the emission of CO2 and pollutants that come from burning fossil fuels. By being good Solarus is doing good, which is a reason for Solarus to be a certified BCorp 

Positive outlook
With a crowd funding in shares the company can further boost its activities for the upcoming year with a projected revenue for 2017 of EUR 15 million. For 2018 the company is projecting revenues exceeding EUR 70 million. The crowd funding campaign is part of a financing round of EUR 6 million. Already EUR 4 million is committed by two professional early stage investors and another EUR 440.000 is invested by senior management and existing shareholders.

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