Solarus (NL) and Ponzio Solar Facilities (CH) sign partnership for Swiss marketplace - Solarus
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Solarus (NL) and Ponzio Solar Facilities (CH) sign partnership for Swiss marketplace

Solarus (NL) and Ponzio Solar Facilities (CH) sign partnership for Swiss marketplace

VENLO (NL)/THIERRENS (CH), December 19, 2016 – The Swiss company Ponzio Solar Facilities and the Dutch company Solarus have signed an exclusive agreement to jointly enter the Swiss marketplace. Ponzio Solar Facilities is a major player in zero emission projects in Switzerland. And Solarus produces the innovative and award winning PowerCollector™ . This highly efficient hybrid solar system produces heat and electricity at the same time and generates up to 4 times more energy than conventional PV-systems. Besides becoming the exclusive partner for the Swiss market, Ponzio Solar Facilities SA also invests EUR 1 million in the Solarus Sunpower Holding BV, bringing Solarus towards the closing of its Euro 6 million investment round.

Projects planned for 2017
With a first installation of Solarus PowerCollectorsTM in Zermatt and many ‘in-roof’ solar systems planned by the beginning of 2017, Ponzio Solar Facilities and Solarus are making a big splash in Switzerland. A real estate complex for 15 families also is underway, becoming for both companies a real life proof of concept of off grid autonomy. The ‘in-roof’ system is a true innovation in the Solarus program; the collector serves directly as a roof, a perfect answer to mounting issues.

“Switzerland is splendid for solar, with its high altitudes, clear air and lots of sun”, says Solarus CEO Leen Zevenbergen. “Ponzio Solar Facilities appreciates our fondness for sustainability and upcycling. They are one of the first movers in the installation world of solar systems.”

“We admire the technology, design and efficiency in Solarus hybrid PowerCollectorsTM. It is an immense opportunity for the Swiss marketplace”, says Marc Ponzio, CEO of Ponzio Solar Facilities. “We specifically chose this product for the Swiss climate because of its unique hyperbolic dual mirror layout in a closed box, which gives it a high natural insulation and therefore is able to provide heat in winter too. Our aim is to shift thousands of systems in the coming year”.

Solarus company background and mission
Solarus is a private company founded in 2006 and it develops, produces and sells hybrid solar PowerCollectors with a peak efficiency up to 70%. The company is headquartered in Venlo (The Netherlands) and has an R&D centre in Gävle (Sweden).  Solarus works worldwide with local distributors and installers and is now active in Europe, (South) Africa, India and Turkey. The company’s vision is ‘Sunpower for the people’. The mission of Solarus is to fight energy poverty and decrease the emission of CO2 and pollutants that come from burning fossil fuels. By being good Solarus is doing good, which is a reason for Solarus to be a certified BCorp.

For more information:
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