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Visitors trade fair intrigued by PowerCollector

Visitors trade fair intrigued by PowerCollector

In the first two days of the Habitat-Jardin trade fair in Lausanne, Switzerland, Solarus’ PowerCollectorTM  has already attracted the attention of many visitors. During this nine days event, held from 4 March to 12 March 2017, Ponzio Solar Facilities represents Solarus and exhibits its unique solar solution that generates heat and electricity within one integrated system. Moreover, it harnesses up to four times more of the available solar energy compared to conventional products on the market.

Promising start
Marc Ponzio, Ponzio Solar Facilities: “A lot of people are intrigued by the PowerCollectorTM at the trade fair and are really interested to receive more information regarding their specific needs.” In situations with a need for both heat and electricity, the PowerCollectorTM is the best choice for sustainable energy. Another solution the PowerCollectorTM provides is cooling, e.g. for air-conditioning or business related cooling purposes. At a later stage there are also other applications in the pipeline, like steam, desalination and purification. Marc: “Within two days we welcomed approximately 40 people interested in this solar solution. Some of them already clearly indicated their willingness to work with us. We are looking forward to inform many more visitors about this innovative solar system in the days to come at the trade fair.”

Ponzio and Solarus
At the end of 2016 Solarus and Ponzio Solar Facilities signed an agreement to jointly enter the Swiss market. Ponzio Solar Facilities is a major player in zero emission projects in Switzerland and Solarus produces the innovative and award winning PowerCollectorTM. The first in-roof solar system for a real estate complex for 15 families that is currently being built is a real life proof of concept of off grid autonomy.

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