Solarus wins 5K award from Holland Innovative and EY at the Hannover Messe - Solarus
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Solarus wins 5K award from Holland Innovative and EY at the Hannover Messe

Solarus wins 5K award from Holland Innovative and EY at the Hannover Messe

VENLO – April 28, 2017 – Solarus participated at the “Meet the Industry Giants” event at the Hannover Messe. Solarus was one of the selected startups that participated in the event. During the event startups had the opportunity to have speed dating sessions with technology, business and financial experts from bigger companies.

Lars Vereijken (EY): “We were impressed by the enthusiasm, professionalism and achievements of Solarus. With the collectors Solarus is able to yield 4 times more power than regular solar panels. Solarus has a proven their technology, selling international and ready to scale!” Both Holland Innovative and EY with EYnovation love to work with ambitious young companies that not only contribute to economic growth, but also contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable environment.
With the award Holland Innovative and EY will help Solarus by improving their process and product management, and supporting with Market insight and Financial related topics.

Leen Zevenberen (Solarus): “We are very proud that we have won the award provided by Holland Innovative and EY. In the two years that our PowerCollector is in the market, we already provided large installations in South Africa, India and some European countries. Recently the PowerCollector has been redesigned to a state-of-the-art solar collector to further meet the needs of our customers. Now it is time to further expand our footprint globally and bring the most successful renewable energy solution to markets all over the world and contribute to local developments. And realize our mission: sunpower for the people.”

Company background and mission Solarus is a private company founded in 2006 and it develops, produces and sells hybrid solar PowerCollectors with a peak efficiency up to 70%. The company is headquartered in Venlo (The Netherlands) and has an R&D centre in Gävle (Sweden). Solarus works worldwide with local distributors and installers and is now mainly active in Europe, (South) Africa, India and Turkey. The company’s vision is ‘Sunpower for the people’. The mission of Solarus is to fight energy poverty and decrease the emission of CO2 and pollutants that come from burning fossil fuels. By being good Solarus is doing good, which is a reason for Solarus to be a certified BCorp

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