First Solarus Shareholders Day was a successful event
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Factory tour for shareholders during first Solarus Shareholders Day

Factory tour for shareholders during first Solarus Shareholders Day

VENLO – October, 28 2017 – On Saturday 28 October Solarus organized its first Shareholders Day. About 100 shareholders applied to participate this event and in small groups they experienced the Solarus journey in a two hour tour.

Every group started the tour with an introduction provided by Leen Zevenbergen (CEO). He started with the history of our company and explained how it changed from a R&D company 4 years ago towards a company with a real product and a factory and processes to manufacture our PowerCollector. As indicated by the International Energy Agency back in 2012, the market is slowly starting to recognize the enormous potential of combined heat and power collectors like ours.  Recently also Imperial College in London published a report with a market forecast for the European market. The biggest potential is in Cyprus and Greece, not by coincidence these are also the countries we’re developing partnerships at.


Sales Approach
After this introduction Kees Onstein (CCO) explained why he joined Solarus and how our sales approach has been improved since this summer. Our experience with Vineyard Hotel in South Africa helped us to develop our Energy as a Service solution. In this service, there is no need for the client to invest in our PowerCollectors. With our financial partners we can invest and start to optimize the whole energy system at the client. By sharing the profits from energy efficiency measures, this new service will deliver us higher margins and will deliver much more value to our customer. This new model puts however other pre-requisites to our business partners. Therefore we developed a business partner suite that includes an intensive training program that will be rolled out to India and Cyprus in the coming months by Ron Coolen (Director International Business Development).


Factory tour
Third part of the program, was the tour through the factory, guided by Jacko d’Agnolo (COO) and Robert Hermkens (Manager Production & Manufacturing). Starting with the development of the receiver, the whole production of the PowerCollector was explained and clarified. For sure this was the most impressive part of the day and confirmed our shareholders that quality of our product was the key element and forms the basis of our assembly line.

And last but not least, our Director Research & Development, Tim Zijderveld, gave the opportunity to finally touch the PowerCollector. He also elaborated on the certification process that is taking place, as well as on our engineering & simulation capabilities.

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