We have an important story. In fact, we have two stories to tell.


Our business
Our aim is to accelerate the energy transition. Together with our business partners all over the world we want to make huge impact on society and environment. The key feature to achieve our goal is our PowerCollector™


Our product
We develop, produce and sell hybrid solar PowerCollectors™ and integrated project solutions. Hybrid means that the PowerCollector™ combines generation of thermal (T) energy with the photovoltaic (PV) generation of electricity.

Solarus is a certified B-Corp

We are a Benefit Corporation. We do good by being good.
Creating general public benefit means contributing to a material positive impact for society and the environment. We are part of a fast growing global community of more than 2500 B Corp companies, all with this same mission. We are a for-profit organization, yet we will always consider society and the environment in balance with profit in our decision making. We work within the People, Planet, Profit principle. Look at our B-Corp community page

Go for the winner

Over the years Solarus is awarded by the following organizations:

Winner of the Accenture Innovation Award for Clean & Affordable Energy

Solarus was awarded for being the best in show presenting company

Solarus has successfully accomplished STING extensive support programme for accelarating businesses

Miljöpris – Award given by the Social Democrat party (from the city of Norrtelja)

The BLUE Economy
Solarus is a Blue Economy Company

Solarus was recognized as one of the 33 hottest technical innovation start-ups in Sweden. Award given by two newspapers: NewTeknik (technical) and Äffars Världen (bussiness)

Världsklassavtal – Solarus was certified being part of making the Norra Njurgårdsstaden district (part of the city of Stockholm) into an environmental world class city

International Youth – Solarus won the Beijing´s International Innovation Competition

Solarus won the award for start-ups during the ‘Meet the Giants’ event at Hannover Messe

Solarus won the award for ‘best TNO’ match during the ‘Meet the Giants’ event at Hannover Messe

Solarus Head Office  


Abderraouf Methlouthi

Product Development Engineer

“A new challenge for a better future.”


Anne Mieke van der Werf

CFO a.i.

“Better finance only comes with a better world.”


César Belaúnde Zárate

Project Manager

“Because there is a special value in make something different.”


Francesco Mazza

Sales Engineer

“Continuous opportunity of enhancing my skills.”


Jacko D’Agnolo


“Thinking and acting differently.”


Jacqueline Lunenborg

PR & Marketing Officer, Office Manager

“Always going the extra mile!”


Joost Brinkman

Director International Accounts

“Accelerating the energy transition”


Joost Derks

Financial Director

“Like the dynamic international environment.”


Kees Onstein


“Become big in delivering green energy solutions.”


Kenneth Colijn

Project Manager Business Development

“Working on a sustainable future.”


Manuel Vargas

Product Development Engineer

“A dynamic, highly intellectual, challenging place.”


Munish Katiyar

Solar Specialist

“Opportunity to experiment and learn new things.”


Paulo Costa

Solar Engineer

“Best solution for a sustainable energy supply.”


Rajesh Kotireddy

Solar Engineer

“Providing affordable and sustainable energy solutions.”


Robert Hermkens

Manager Production & Manufacturing

“Thinking in ‘what if’ instead of ‘yes but’.”


Ron Coolen

Director International Business Development

“Business and planet, a unique combination.”


Sabina Tuzlic

Accounting Assistant

“Exploring new knowledge in international environment.”


Sathish Srinivasan

Solar Engineer

“Contributing on mitigation of climate change.”


Tim Zijderveld

Director Research & Development

“Work with technologies to harvest energy from the sun.“


“Building a better world and being a force for good.“

Leen Zevenbergen

Ambassador Solarus

Solarus Sweden  


Diogo Cabral

Solar Engineer

“Specialize in solar energy.”


João Gomes

Research Director

“Fundamental step for the development of humanity.”


Tony Björklund

Product Development Specialist

“Early stage employee, enjoying the progress made.”

Swedish R&D team works in close cooperation with professor Karlsson and its team of the University of Gävle.

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Solarus South Africa  


David Fortune

Sales Engineer

“Make a difference in the world.”


David Volkwyn

Sales Director

“We understand energy and passion is energy- without it you have nothing.”


Henning Brand

Business Development Manager

“Fundemental step for the development of humanity.”


Mark Epstein

Project Manager

“Great working with brilliant technology & people in the renewable energy space.”


René Laks

Managing Director Sub Saharan Africa

“Ending energy poverty and deliver growth in Africa.”


Samukhele Mwase

Solar Engineer

“Making a difference to everyone we touch.”


“Never a dull moment, energizing, always going for the extra mile and doing good by being good. It’s all in my DNA.”

Jacqueline Lunenborg
PR/Marketing officer & Office manager

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