Betaalbare en betrouwbare oplossingen voor gasvrije woningen - Solarus

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Affordable and reliable solutions for gas-free housing

Ontdek hoe de techniek van Solarus kan zorgen voor 100% gasvrije woningen.


The new HPVT solar boiler from Solarus Smart Energy Solutions maximizes the renewable energy generation from you roof, and thereby makes it possible to be gas-free at affordable prices. It is the highest efficiency renewable solution in the market and takes care of all your heating and sanitary hot water needs. It is well supported by attractive subsidies and financing options. It is the only solar boiler to receive two subsidies - Investeringssubsidie duurzame energie (ISDE) for the solar boiler and VAT back for the photovoltaic system. Therefore, by choosing for an HPVT solar boiler customers can immediately start realizing savings on their energy bills and become cash positive from day one.


Why gas-free?

Netherlands has decided to move towards gas-free future by ensuring that all new buildings should be gas free from 2021 and existing building stock in the near future by encouraging the purchase of gas free appliances such as solar (PV) panels for existing buildings, such as solar boilers and heat pumps. A typical household uses electricity for lighting and other appliances and natural gas for heating of the house and for the preparation of hot water for showers. Gas use represents 70% of the total energy needs of a typical household. Therefore, replacing natural gas with an alternative heating source is a significant step towards sustainable energy transition and fossil-free society.


How can a house become gas free?

A house can become gas free by generating heat and hot water by renewable energy or by electric heat generators such as heat pump, electrical boiler, etc. A heat pump supplies 3 to 5 units of heat for each unit of electricity it consumes. While an electric heater can only supply as much heat as the electricity it consumes. Therefore, heat pump is clearly a preferred electrical alternative to heat generation. However, heat pump shifts energy consumption from gas to electricity which is still produced by burning coal and natural gas in big power plants. Moreover, it is much more expensive for the end user to buy electricity than natural gas.

Another renewable alternative for heat production is solar heat. A solar boiler (consisting of solar thermal panels) produces 50 units of solar heat for each unit of electricity it consumes to run the solar pump. Therefore, it is clearly much more renewable alternative than a heat pump. However, it cannot be used as a stand-alone system for heating the house as it produces heat only when the sun is shining. On the other hand, a heat pump can operate throughout the year. By combining a solar boiler and a heat pump together you can make the best use of free heat when available from the sun while making sure that you have heat available also on rainy and cloudy days by using your heat pump. A typical well insulated house would require a 6-7 kW heat pump and 2-4 solar thermal panels to be gas free.

The heat pump-solar boiler combination still requires electricity to run the heat pump, which can be renewably generated by installing solar panels on you roof. Therefore, a combination solar panels-solar boiler-heat pump can be a 100% renewable gas-free solution. Depending on the size of a household, to produce all the electricity required by a heat pump 6-10 solar panels will be required.

Moreover, If the solar thermal panel can also produce electricity just like a solar panel it can save you buying additional solar PV panels and also save space on the roof. A solar thermal panel that can produce electricity is called a high temperature photovoltaic-thermal (HPVT) panel which produces electricity and high temperature hot water from the same surface. Therefore, a combination HPVT solar boiler-solar panel-heat pump is the most optimized 100% renewable gas-free solution in the market.


What is a high temperature PVT (HPVT) boiler?

HPVT boiler is the latest technology in the solar field. HPVT panels are next generation hybrid solar thermal-PV panels. An HPVT panel supplies the heat and electricity with one panel similar to what a conventional solar panel and a solar thermal panel will do together and therefore, halving the required installation area on your roof. An HPVT boiler is capable of converting 89 % of solar energy into useful heat (70 %) and electricity (19 %). Therefore, the end user only has to buy one panel instead of buying a solar panel and a solar thermal panel separately, and does not have to choose or compromise between the heat and the electricity output.


What is HPVT solar boiler from Solarus Smart Energy Solutions?

Solarus Smart offers the only HPVT boiler in the Netherlands. It is based on the PowerCollector aH technology that enables the panel to have higher absorption of solar energy and low heat loss leading to a very efficient high temperature thermal panel. Each panel has 1375 W thermal power and 350 W electrical power. HPVT boiler packages range from 2-5 aH72 panels and 150-400 liters boiler, depending on the size of the household and specific house needs. Due to high thermal performance, HPVT panels are the only hybrid panels in the Dutch market have subsidy on both heat (ISDE) and electricity (VAT refund) combining the subsidies of both solar thermal and PV in one panel.


What are the benefits of Solarus solution over other gas-free alternatives available in the market?

  • Highest CO2 savings from the HPVT panel per m2
  • Solar heat for direct use - showers can be heated with free solar energy during most of the summer
  • 30-35 % cheaper than other market available alternatives
  • Investeringssubsidie duurzame energie (ISDE subsidy) on HPVT panels (€ 404 – 546 per panel)
  • Partial VAT refund and ISDE subsidy on heat pump
  • Extended heat pump life compared to other alternatives due to reduced heat pump operation in spring and autumn and almost no heat pump operation in summer


Can my house become gas-free?

If your house meets the following conditions then gas free system is definitely an option for you.

  • Well insulated house
  • Double or triple glazed windows
  • Low or medium temperature heat distribution system such as floor heating, ventilators or modern radiators.


However, even if your house is not suitable to be gas free, almost every household has the potential to reduce its gas consumption by opting for a hybrid system. A hybrid system combines your existing gas boiler with a heat pump and an HPVT boiler in such a way that your base heat and hot water demand is met by renewable energy while gas boiler supplies the peak demand.

These systems are relatively cheaper and easy to install in every house. With such a system you can easily reduce your gas consumption by 50 % or more. You can also opt for an HPVT boiler alone which will supplement your gas boiler in sanitary hot water generation.


Interested in Solarus' hybrid solar panels?

Are you interested in the possibilities of innovative hybrid solar panels so that you can realize a gas-free system for your home or business? Contact us, without obligation: +31 (0)85 065 92 07 or to discuss the possibilities. We are happy to help!



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The most efficient hybrid solar panel in the world: a hybrid solar panel from Solarus produces the same energy as five photovoltaic solar panels.

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