PVT panelen, de beste oplossing voor een 100% gasvrije woning. - Solarus

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PVT Panels; the best solution for making your home gas-free.

Gas-free living is no longer a pipe dream, you can switch to a 100% gas-free home today!


The PVT panel is the next generation of the well known solar panel. By placing one or more PVT panel(s) on your roof, you can generate electricity and you can also generate hot water (heat). In this way you get the maximum return of the sun and of your own roof.


PVT stands for Photo Voltaic Thermal. A PVT panel looks like a normal solar panel and it has PV cells on the front that convert sunlight into electricity. The panel is also equipped with an integrated heat exchanger that generates heat (hot water up to 70°C). You can use the heat to warm the sanitary water. You can use the power electrical equipment, like a heatpump and if there is still power left, you can supply it back to the grid.


Unlike the well known solar panel, a PVT panel can reduce CO2 emissions and reduce gas consumption significantly. By doing so, you can convert 89% of the energy into electricity and high temperature hot water. It is the optimal use of your roof space.


The front of the solar panel is connected to your electric installation through an inverter, exactly the same as is used for regular solar panels. The heat exchanger on the inside will be connected to a hot water tank, to store the hot water. This water can be used as tap water for washing the dishes, for showering or bathing.


PVT panels are also excellent to combine with a heat pump. The power generated by the panel can be us for the heat pump and the heat pump provides heating for your house. This way you provide hot tap water, electricity and heating for your house.



Interested in our hybrid PVT panels?

Are you interested in the possibilities of innovative hybrid solar panels so that you can realize a gas-free system for your home or business?

Contact us, without obligation: +31 (0)85 065 92 07 or info@solarus.com to discuss the possibilities. Our panels provide a solution for any type of building. Our PVT panels are also the only panels from which you can receive ISDE Subsidy. We would like to help you out!

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The most efficient hybrid solar panel in the world: a hybrid solar panel from Solarus produces the same energy as five photovoltaic solar panels.

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