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The ISDE (Investment Subsidy for Sustainable Energy) is annually a game-changer in the field of sustainable energy for the Netherlands. Every autumn, the Dutch government sets the conditions for applications, providing a path for entrepreneurs not only to embrace renewable energy but also to benefit financially.

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What is the ISDE subsidy?

By offering financial incentives, the ISDE subsidy aims to lower the initial investment threshold often associated with renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency upgrades. The ISDE subsidy is managed by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), the government agency responsible for promoting sustainable, agricultural, innovative, and international business development.

What is the Purpose of the ISDE subsidy?

The primary goal of the ISDE subsidy is to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy sources and improve energy efficiency in the Netherlands. This initiative targets businesses and provides subsidies for various applications, including Solarus. The overarching goals of the ISDE subsidy are versatile:

  • Promotion of Renewable Energy: By subsidizing the costs of renewable energy technologies, the ISDE encourages their acceptance, reducing dependence on fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Energy Efficiency: The subsidy also supports improvements in energy efficiency, essential for reducing overall energy consumption and enhancing the energy performance of buildings and industries.
  • Economic Growth: By stimulating sustainable energy solutions, the ISDE subsidy supports the green technology sector, promotes innovation, and fosters economic growth in this field.
  • Meeting Environmental Objectives: The ISDE subsidy aligns with the broader environmental objectives of the Netherlands, including commitments under the climate and energy framework of the European Union and the Paris Agreement.

Who Is Eligible for the ISDE subsidy

It is important to note that you are not entitled to a subsidy if it has already been granted for the relevant measure. You are also not entitled to a subsidy if you receive fiscal benefits under the Energy Investment Allowance (EIA).

You must meet the following criteria to qualify for and benefit from the ISDE subsidy, as outlined by

  • You have a valid Chamber of Commerce (KvK) number.
  • The project will be installed in the Netherlands and the application is made before an agreement is reached on the quotation.
  • When determining the subsidy, you need a valid quotation.
  • The measures remain in your ownership for at least one year and are installed in/on the building/residence. This obligation begins from the date of the subsidy decision.

Annual Allocations of the ISDE subsidy

In 2023, the program began with an initial allocation of 350 million euros. However, reflecting the dynamic nature of energy needs and policy reactivity, an additional 210 million euros were later added, bringing the total allocation amount for the year to an impressive 560 million euros.

Factors Influencing the Allocation of the ISDE subsidy Determining the annual allocation for the ISDE subsidy involves a complex interplay of factors. These include current energy needs and goals, budgetary considerations, policy objectives, market trends, and technological advancements.

Looking ahead, changes in the annual allocations of the ISDE subsidy are expected as the government continues to navigate the evolving landscape of energy and environmental policy. These changes may be influenced by:

  • Changing Energy Priorities: As the country progresses in its energy transition, the focus areas of the subsidy may shift to address emerging needs and priorities.
  • Economic Factors: Fluctuations in the economy can affect government spending and budget allocations, including those for environmental projects.
  • Technological Developments: Advances in sustainable energy technologies may lead to changes in subsidy allocations, with emerging or more effective solutions possibly preferred.

Calculate Your Benefits

Are you planning to become more sustainable and save significantly on costs? Solarus maps out your improvement opportunities into a detailed report with data on finances, sustainability, and technical feasibility, free of charge. This includes information on how much ISDE subsidy you may be eligible for, impacting the payback period and total cost savings of your project.

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