Ecology Premium+ for Solarus aH72 Panels in Flanders

The Flemish government encourages businesses to reduce their energy consumption with the Ecology Premium+. This grant subsidizes a portion of the investment costs for environmentally friendly and energy-efficient technologies, such as our hybrid solar panels (solar boiler + PV).

Conditions To qualify for the Ecology Premium+ for our solution, you must meet the following conditions:

  • You are a business in Flanders.
  • You are investing in a new solar energy system for heating water for heating, sanitary, and/or process purposes.
  • You submit the application within 24 months after the invoice date of the installation.

Subsidy Amount The subsidy amount is as follows:

  • 41.25% for SMEs up to 250 employees
  • 33.75% for large enterprises with more than 250 employees The maximum subsidy amount is €1 million per enterprise over a period of 3 years.

Application You can apply for the Ecology Premium+ online through the website of the Flemish Government. Solar Boiler and Heat Pump Boiler Support | VLAIO

More Information You can find more information about the Ecology Premium+ and the conditions on the same website of the Flemish Government.

Conclusion The Ecology Premium+ is one of the highest subsidies currently awarded in Europe. It has a significant positive impact on the payback period and total cost savings. This not only makes this investment a socially responsible option but also financially very attractive.

Next Step: Solarus will calculate the profitability of the solution based on your specific situation, including total cost savings, payback period, and received subsidy. Schedule an appointment with one of our specialists.

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