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The Scope 12 inspection: a guarantee of safety and compliance


In this blog post, we delve deeper into the Scope 12 inspection, what it entails, and why it is crucial for safety and compliance.

What is Scope 12?

Definition: Scope 12 refers to a specific type of inspection aimed at ensuring the safety and compliance of electrical installations and equipment.

Scope of Application: This inspection applies to a wide range of electrical installations and devices, including machinery, tools, and technical installations, including solar panels.

Why is Scope 12 important?

Safety of Employees: The Scope 12 inspection is designed to ensure the safety of employees by ensuring that electrical installations and equipment comply with applicable safety standards.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations: Compliance with Scope 12 is essential to meet legal obligations and regulations regarding electrical safety.

Prevention of Accidents and Downtime: A thorough inspection helps prevent potential malfunctions and accidents, resulting in less downtime and higher operational efficiency. A Scope 12 inspection is a must for fire insurers.

The Inspection Process

Inspection by Certified Inspection Bodies: Scope 12 inspections are conducted by certified inspection bodies. These organizations have the expertise to thoroughly inspect installations and equipment.

Reporting and Advice: After the inspection, the owner or operator receives a detailed report with findings and recommendations for any necessary improvements.


The Scope 12 inspection has become an integral part of ensuring electrical safety in various sectors. Companies that comply with this inspection not only take a step towards regulatory compliance but also emphasize their commitment to creating a safe working environment.

Whether you are a business owner responsible for electrical installations or a professional in the field, understanding the Scope 12 inspection is a step in the right direction. Contact certified inspection bodies for specific information on the requirements and procedures for your installations. After all, safety and compliance are invaluable.

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