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Solarus offers an advanced solar boiler system that is ideal for hotels and hospitality, where water consumption is often significant. Our system utilizes solar energy and efficient heat pump hot water solutions to ensure high-quality hot water supply.

With our hybrid solar panels, which integrate both solar heating panels and solar thermal collectors, we provide a powerful hybrid solar energy system that is perfect for applications such as sanitation, swimming pools, and kitchens. This allows you to not only generate electricity but also heat water, making our system ideal for providing solar hot water systems and reducing your energy costs.

Our advanced solar thermal panels are among the best solar thermal collectors on the market and are specially designed to produce hot water for the specific needs of hotels and hospitality, such as showers, baths, and kitchen use. They are an indispensable part of our sustainable solar water heating system, which not only delivers cost savings but also reduces the ecological footprint of your hotel or hospitality business.

Solarus is a leader in the development of solar energy solutions, including combined PV and solar thermal panels that harness combined solar energy and solar thermal energy. Our integrated combined solar PV and thermal systems offer maximum energy yield and significant cost savings for hotels and hospitality businesses.

Discover how Solarus can assist you in transitioning to sustainable energy solutions using solar water heating and solar heat collector technologies. Contact our team of experts for a tailor-made solution that meets the specific energy needs and budget considerations of your hotel or hospitality business. Choose Solarus and harness the benefits of solar energy to improve your operational efficiency and save costs while reducing your ecological footprint.

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  • Solarus designs one-stop integrated hot water and energy solutions that are customized to match your energy demand profile.
  • Solarus solutions collect up to 4 times more total energy from the same (roof) area, over any PV installation.
  • Solarus turn-key projects deliver the lowest per-kilowatt energy costs over any competition on limited (roof) space, guaranteed! 4x more CO2 reductions and 3x more profitable vs a regular solar PV installation.
  • Solarus stays on your side, and on your site, from inception, through installation, into operations & maintenance, and monitoring, ensuring optimal system performance over the lifetime of the solution.

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