The hot water solution for

Trucking industry and car washes

For the trucking industry and car washes, Solarus offers an advanced solar boiler system that is a smart choice for efficient water heating. Our system combines solar energy and advanced heat pump solutions to ensure high-quality hot water supply.

With our hybrid solar panels, integrating both heating solar panels and solar collectors, we deliver a powerful hybrid solar energy system that is ideal for applications such as heating water for vehicle cleaning and cleaning processes.

Our advanced solar collectors are among the best in the market and are specifically designed to produce hot water for the specific needs of trucking companies and car washes. They are an integral part of our sustainable solar boiler system, which not only saves costs but also reduces the ecological footprint of your business.

Solarus is a leader in solar energy solutions, including integrated heating solar panels and solar collectors. Our integrated systems offer maximum energy yield and significant cost savings for the trucking industry and car washes.

Discover how Solarus can help you transition to sustainable energy solutions using solar heating and solar energy. Contact our team of experts for a customized solution that meets the specific energy needs and budget considerations of your trucking company or car wash. Choose Solarus and harness the benefits of solar energy to improve your operational efficiency while reducing your ecological footprint.

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Ruud Edelenbosch

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