Together we discover the full potential

How we do it:

1. Get aquinted

  • Get to know each other
  • Understand the business and energy demand
  • Obtain an understanding of the potential benefits

2. Find the numbers

Find historical data like:

  • Heat and electricity demand
  • Current energy prices
  • National or local incentives

3. Define the potential

  • Model the current energy-system to design a future installation
  • Develop a business case based on investment, savings and renewable energy produced
  • Calculate direct and indirect cost savings as well as CO2 reduction

4. Understand the value

  • Understand the proposition and the value delivered
  • Decide upon contractual model (buy <> lease)
  • Agree upon the next steps and responsibilities
  • Sign contract

5. Install and operate

  • Order equipment
  • Install installation
  • Start saving energy and delivering renewable energy
  • Start cost savings!

Solarus focuses the sun’s energy
to heat and power your business

We designed the best PowerCollector in the world, but that is just the start. With our knowledge of energy and energy systems, we can design the optimal and financially most attractive energy configuration for every situation. With this model we offer our customers in industry and hospitality a total energy solution in which we design, finance, install and operate the installation.

Discover how Solarus
can help you heat and power your business