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Half of the total energy demand of residential homes is consumed by space- or water heating and cooling. The Solarus PowerCollector™ is the most efficient means of providing for this demand with clean, abundant solar energy.
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Currently, our innovative hybrid PowerCollector is being sold in volumes to industrial customers and hotels.

We are also convinced that our PowerCollector is an efficient product to provide residential homes with clean, abundant solar energy. Half of the total energy demand of residential homes is actually consumed by space or water heating and cooling. Once our distribution network is in place, we will be able to meet these energy needs of homeowners as well.

We will help you:

  • Access cost-effective household electricity, heat and cooling.
  • Reduce the household environmental footprint.
  • Achieve energy independence through increased resilience to service interruption.
  • Buffer against future energy cost hikes from central electricity utilities.

Achieving affordable energy independence is possible,

we would love to show you how.

Business, Industry and Public Enterprise


Solarus’ PowerCollectors™ provide an efficient,

economical and environmentally friendly source of heat to partially or completely supply the energy demands of businesses,

industrial operations and public enterprises.


Solarus offers turnkey (EPC) solutions – including integration with existing systems – for large-scale PowerCollector™ installations

tailored to the specific needs of a diverse range of applications:


Business – gyms and hotels to offices and restaurants

Industry – construction and textile factories to chemical and food processing facilities

Public enterprise – hospitals and schools.


Furthermore, Solarus believes in continued engagement with clients

by providing on-site after-sales technical support.

Rural/Isolated Commmunities


Energy poverty is most severe in developing countries where communities face volatile energy prices

and unreliable (or non-existent) energy supply from central utilities.


For rural areas Solarus aspires to provide low-cost, community-based solar energy solutions

providing electricity and hot water without the need for existing infrastructure of any kind.


For isolated communities Solarus is developing containerised Drop&Heat (or Drop&Cool) systems.

These modular, self-contained units can be economically transported worldwide and rapidly deployed to provide clean, low-cost electricity, and heat (or cooling).