Grid connected system - Solarus
The Solarus PowerCollector™ is a concentrating, hybrid solar photovoltaic and solar thermal panel. Concentrating means that it has a curved mirror to collect and reflect more sunlight throughout the day. Hybrid means that it combines solar photovoltaic (PV) generation of electricity with solar thermal (T) generation heat.
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Grid connector micro-inverters

Power collectors can be connected directly to the grid via micro-inverters. Electricity produced is exported to the grid which reduces the net electricity consumption of the user.

  1. Solarus PowerCollectors
  2. Dual MPPT 500W micro-inverter
  3. AC combiner box
  4. Distribution board
  5. Electricity meter
  6. Electricity communication unit
  7. Ethernet port
  8. Power plug
  9. AC trunk cable
  10. AC end cap
  11. AC T-connection
  12. AC T-cap
  13. AC male/female connector

Grid connected string inverters

With smart string inverters self consumption of the electricity produced can be promoted.
User can define the control parameters with regards to the self-consumption and the grid export.
This is the preferable solution for larger installations.

  1. Solarus PowerCollectors with mounting
  2. DC/DC poer optimizer collector front sides
  3. DC/DC poer optimizer collector back sides
  4. MC4 connectors
  5. DC cable
  6. Central inverter – Three phase
  7. Distribution board
  8. Engery meter
  9. Ethernet port