Off-grid system - Solarus
The Solarus PowerCollector™ is a concentrating, hybrid solar photovoltaic and solar thermal panel. Concentrating means that it has a curved mirror to collect and reflect more sunlight throughout the day. Hybrid means that it combines solar photovoltaic (PV) generation of electricity with solar thermal (T) generation heat.
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Off-grid system

For off-grid sites off-grid inverters in conjunction with battery storage are used. This solution promotes self-consumption while maximising the solar production. The inverter can draw electricity from the grid if needed, to ensure uninterrupted supply to the appliances. Surplus electricity produced is stored in the battery

  1. Solarus PowerCollectors
  2. Power optimiser front side
  3. Power optimiser back side
  4. Junction box
  5. Inverter
  6. AC distribution board – single phase
  7. Battery
  8. AC grid connection – single phase
  9. Color control GX
  10. Battery monitor
  11. Shunt
  12. VE.Direct VEBus cable
  13. RJ45 VEBus cable
  14. RJ12 cable
  15. Positive supply cable