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The Solarus PowerCollector™ is a concentrating, hybrid solar photovoltaic and solar thermal panel.

Concentrating means that it has a curved mirror to collect and reflect more sunlight throughout the day.

Hybrid means that it combines solar photovoltaic (PV) generation of electricity with solar thermal (T) generation heat.





Solar Photovoltaic




Solar Thermal



It is a C-PVT PowerCollector™

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The potential of this hybrid system has long been dubbed the “golden egg” of solar technology because,

compared with traditional PV panels, it is capable of producing three times more power per installed surface area.

What it does


Three times more power from each PowerCollector™ means 1500W for…

Current applications

Near future applications













Our core technologies

Maximum Reflector Concentration™ technology is our solution:

a curved mirror – technically an asymmetrical parabolic trough – reflects as much concentrated sunlight onto the receiver as possible, no matter the sun’s angle.

Active Cell Cooling™ means we use water to draw heat away from the solar PV cells. The result: improved electrical performance of up to 40% and extended cell longevity. Solar PV cells become less efficient as they heat up. We want to ensure that our PV efficiency remains stable by reducing the cell temperature.

Seasonal Boost Setting

The sun traverses the sky throughout the day and provides less energy during winter. We want to maximize the amount of power collected and ensure that annual coverage is as even as possible – without the need for complicated tracking systems.

Technical specifications

Thermal installation

To ensure watertightness and ability to take high temperatures and fluid pressures, Solarus uses dedicated thermal auxiliaries to install the PowerCollector

Electrical installation

The PowerCollectors can be electronically connected in three different ways

electrical installation

Solarus systems

Solarus PowerCollectors are part of a system. Our engineers have installed various types of systems tailored to meet the customers needs.

thermal configurations

Solar thermal heating combined with other heat source

When continous heating is required e.g. heating of a (storage) room. Solarus PowerCollectors heat up the tank, with supplementary heat provided by the tank by an auxiliary source such as a gas heater

Solar thermal pre-heating system

In processes where demand is not continous, e.g. showering, food processing and cleaning. Solarus PowerCollectors are suitable for heating water up to 70°C, and then if needed boost it up with an auxiliary source.

Solar thermal cooling system

Solarus PowerCollectors can drive your cooling system, e.g. to store fresh products. PowerCollectors heat a tank and in additional auxiliary maintains the tank temperatures in situations when no sun is available.

electrical configurations

Grid vs off-grid

Electrical system with grid-tied micro-inverter

Solarus PowerCollectors can be connected directly to the grid via micro-inverters. Electricity produced is self consumed or fed into the grid, which reduces the net electricity consumption of the user

Electrical system with grid-connected central inverter

With smart string inverters self-consumption of the electricity produced can be promoted. User can define the control parameters with regards to the self-consumption and the grid export. Preferable situation for larger installations.

Electrical off-grid system

For off-grid sites Solarus uses off-grid inverters in combination with different battery technologies. This solution promotes self-consumption while maximising the solar production. Surplus electricity produced is stored in the battery.

Mounting set-ups

Solarus PowerCollectors can be mounted on rooftops, in the open field, on facades of buildings and as an in-roof system.

Easy to Connect

To improve ergonomics and on-site handling time, the entire system is optimised for quick and easy connections

Maintenance & monitoring

For optimal performance, we advice timely maintenance on the PowerCollectors. Our remote monitoring system has the option to guide in this process every 6 months and in case of deviations in the output of the system

Electrical and thermal system parameters are monitored which provides valuable information regarding the system performance and also reflects the health of the sytems.

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