Solarus blog: Solarus monitoring platform: A step towards delivering energy as promised

Solar industry is a highly evolving energy sector. The performance of a solar system does no longer depends only on the quality of the product, but on the optimal system design and operation. The importance of modeling and monitoring is becoming a necessary part of the market. Thanks to innovative technological developments around these fields, suppliers are now able to make realistic simulations and, as a result of this, over-designing to make up to compensate unforeseen generation losses are no longer appropriate.

Optimization and efficiency
Moreover continuous monitoring and data engineering is resulting in near precise optimization and improved efficiency of the system. The technology in the solar industry is currently booming and granularity of solar design improvements is increasing, with enhanced monitoring and advanced algorithms to fine-tune solar energy operations and management from a host of perspectives. More detailed measurement and data analysis lead to a more efficient operation, and, therefore, a higher yield by optimizing operational performance of the system using real-time measured data and proactive maintenance.

Real time data
Solarus PowerCollectors can be integrated with other renewable or conventional sources and with the intensive data engineering Solarus provides detailed data for its clients. The monitoring platform varies for client to client; for a large system, we can provide data insight on both production and their demand. The customer can have access to real time and periodic data on PowerCollector production (both heat and electricity on the same platform), contribution of PowerCollectors and the auxiliary sources to the demand, green factors such as share of renewable energy, CO2 emissions reduced, equivalent trees planted and consumption parameters such as water and energy consumption for their domestic hot water and space heating.



For the small system users, Solarus provides free monitoring access with its technological partners and upon request it is also possible in the near future to use the Solarus platform to monitor energy: both production and demand.

With Solarus’ motto “Delivering energy as promised”, monitoring plays on important role in the company’s business


Author: Sathish Srinivasan, Solar Engineer, Solarus