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The first Iberostar hotel with a 100% sustainable hot water solution

The high number of intensive hours of sunshine and sky-high energy prices have presented the perfect scenario for the introduction of the PowerCollectors in the Canary Islands. In 2019, Iberostar decided to equip a hotel in Tenerife with our aH72 PVT panels and take advantage of the sun to reduce energy costs. A great success followed. Since then many other hotels pertaining to this chain have implemented the service. Our aH72 hybrid solar panels contribute to achieving the sustainability objectives of the Iberostar group, ensuring a very efficient use of the available space, reducing energy costs and their CO2 production as much as possible.

Project Highlights:

  • Hospitality
  • Delivered in 2019
  • Meanwhile rolled out in several Iberostar hotels
  • Quick and easy installation that pays for itself in no time

Quadrupling Outcome of Renewable Energy

The demand for hot water is particularly high in hotels. A normal PV panel would only supply a small percentage of necessary energy. The Solarus system quadruples the amount of renewable energy a hotel can produce from the same area and without too much effort because the system can be easily integrated into existing installations. The new system was linked to the existing system in no time and with few minimal adjustments managed extraordinary results.

System Pays Itself in 5 Years

The 102 aH72 hybrid solar panels on the roof provide hot water and electricity. On average, about 181,206 kWh of hot water is produced, and is immediately available for showers, kitchen use and other needs. At the same time, electricity is also produced by the same panels. The system produces about 40,470 kWh, reducing C02 emissions by a total of 86,544 kg per year. In addition, this installation also pays for itself within 5 years. Talk about a wise investment. The peaks in energy consumption required to produce hot water have been smoothed out by the Solarus PVT installation. The panels were also supplemented by heat pumps, which electrical energy is also supplied by the PVT panels. On top of all the other benefits, Iberostar hotels reliance on external energy sources is greatly reduced, making them more self-sufficient and sustainable.

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The first Iberostar hotel with a 100% sustainable hot water solution

The high number of intensive hours of sunshine and sky-high energy prices have presented the perfect ...

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