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Meeting customers demands

The best solution when a lot of hot water is needed a Solarus PowerCollectors™ provide an efficient, economical and environmentally friendly source of heat and electricity to partially or completely supply the energy demands of our clients.

The hospitality sector and the food & beverage industry are currently our core focus markets.

Three times more energy

The revolutionary 70% energy yield of the PowerCollector™ means 700W per square metre, 1500W per panel. ACC keeps the panels cool, MaReCo and WBT make the most of winter conditions.

Learn what this means and how we do it.

Why choose Solarus?

Energy as a Service

Take advantage without investment

With “Energy as a Service” we offer you renewable energy with a cost advantage.

Sunpower for the People

Accelerating the energy transition, that is Solarus’ aim. Together with business partners all over the world we want to make huge impact on society and environment. The key feature to achieve our goal is our PowerCollector


Solarus is engaging with business development partners globally.

We want to share our technology with regional or national, manufacturers, distributors and installers. Do you have the ambition to set up local assembly lines, providing local employment?

Join the disruptive force of Solarus.

Our latest news

We are proud of our commitments. Follow our progress.