The Importance of a Strong Partner in Business

Experienced partners can play a critical role in the success of integrated hot water and energy solutions. In the complex and rapidly evolving solar industry, having partners with extensive knowledge, expertise, and connections can be the difference between success and failure.

When it comes to implementing the most cost-effective hot water solution, there are many technical, financial, and regulatory challenges that must be overcome. Experienced partners can provide valuable support in navigating these challenges and ensuring that the project is successful. In addition, experienced partners can provide access to important resources, such as funding, equipment, and talent.

At Solarus, we understand the importance of experienced partners in the solar business. That’s why we have established partnerships with some of the most respected and knowledgeable companies in the industry. Our partners provide us with valuable expertise, resources, and support that enable us to deliver the hot water solution to our clients.

The Solar Keymark

The Solar Keymark is a voluntary third-party certification mark for solar thermal products, demonstrating to end-users that a product conforms to the relevant European standards and fulfils additional requirements. The Solar Keymark aims at reducing trade barriers and promote the use of high quality solar thermal products in the European market and beyond. It is used in Europe and increasingly recognised worldwide.

The Solar Keymark is a CEN/CENELEC European mark scheme, dedicated to:

  • Solar thermal collectors,
  • Solar thermal systems, storages and controllers.

Green Key

Green Key is the international quality mark for sustainable companies in the recreation and leisure sector and the business market. Companies with a Green Key quality mark do everything they can to save the environment, without sacrificing comfort and quality for their guests.


Abora Solar designs, develops and manufactures the world’s most cost-effective solar panel with an efficiency of 89%, achieving a certified world record.


Soltrain – Southern African Solar Thermal Training and Demonstration Initiative. SOLTRAIN is a regional initiative on capacity building & demonstration of solar thermal systems in the SADC region. The aim of SOLTRAIN is to support the target countries in changing from a largely fossil energy supply system to a sustainable supply structure based on renewable energy in general, and on solar thermal in particular.

Greenline Africa

GreenLine Africa is a sustainable solutions provider, whose primary focus is enabling the uptake of Renewable Energy. Our approach is simple and to the point; We ensure high financial returns and big environmental savings. In short, we do good, while saving you money.

Global Solar Certification Network

GSCN – HIGH QUALITY SOLAR THERMAL COLLECTORS ARE A KEY FACTOR FOR INCREASING THE SHARE OF SOLAR HEAT WORLDWIDE. GSCN is a global network of certification bodies, inspectors, test labs and solar thermal industry representatives committed to strengthening the solar thermal market.

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