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At Solarus, we aim to provide our clients a one-stop solution with a complete lifecycle set of services, starting from initial consultations, design, installation, maintenance, and ultimate upgrades and improvements to their renewable hot water over its lifetime.

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Project Management


Building Installations

Solarus Software development

Solarus has developed proprietary software which allows dimensioning and simulating system performance of hot water systems which deliver at par after being installed. We can tell you ahead of time, with precision, how much you will generate, and how much you will save with our technology and our systems.

Exact predictions of energy generated from your sustainable energy system

We provide comprehensive project development for our clients, encompassing all project stages. If needed, we start from modelling, design, installation and end with operations and maintenance of the power generating assets.

Project / asset management for your EaaS

We can manage your entire project during installation and construction. We can also provide a full lifecycle management of your installed generating assets, including operations, maintenance, service, repairs, warranty, extended warranty coverage, metering, accounting and reporting.

Estimations, Partner Selection, Contracting With EPC

We can provide cost and savings estimates, help with selecting regional installation partners, connect you with most qualified installers or EPC companies, and assist you in your journey towards having the project built and operated in a smooth and timely manner.

Installation of your solution

If requested, we can provide direct installation services or wrap contracts, where we would become a single contracting party, direct-perform our key competencies and sub-contract (wrap) the balance of the remaining service and work, to deliver turn-key solution and hand you that proverbial key to the entire installed and operational system.

Our team of experts is dedicated to developing innovative solutions that are tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.

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Hot Water Specialist

If you are interested in partnering with Solarus or investing in our company, we invite you to take action today. Contact Solarus today to learn more about how you can be a part of the solution and help create a more sustainable future for us all. Together, we can make a difference.

Izelle van der Spek

Izelle van der Spek

Hot Water Specialist

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We are Solarus

  • Solarus designs one-stop integrated hot water and energy solutions that are customized to match your energy demand profile.
  • Solarus solutions collect up to 4 times more total energy from the same (roof) area, over any PV installation.
  • Solarus turn-key projects deliver the lowest per-kilowatt energy costs over any competition on limited (roof) space, guaranteed! 4x more CO2 reductions and 3x more profitable vs a regular solar PV installation.
  • Solarus stays on your side, and on your site, from inception, through installation, into operations & maintenance, and monitoring, ensuring optimal system performance over the lifetime of the solution.

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